Modern Furniture Children Study Chair With Arms

  • Modern Furniture Children Study Chair With Arms
  • Modern Furniture Children Study Chair With Arms
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1. Adjustable height range of 34cm-55cm: The children reading chair's height can be easily adjusted to accommodate children of different heights. Whether it's for younger children or those experiencing rapid growth, they can find the appropriate seating height to promote proper posture and comfort. 2. Foldable armrests: The children study chair with arms features foldable armrests, helping to save space. When children require more room to move or when the chair needs to be stored, the armrests can be easily folded, allowing for convenient usage and storage. 3. 4-level adjustable height footrest: The children study chair modern is equipped with a 4-level adjustable height footrest. Children can choose the desired footrest height based on their preferences and height, providing additional support and comfort. 4. One-touch locking switch for wheels: The kids study chair's wheels are equipped with a one-touch locking switch. With a simple press of the foot, the wheels can be easily locked or unlocked. This facilitates effortless movement of the chair when needed, while also providing additional stability and safety.

Modern Furniture Children Study Chair With Arms


With an adjustable height range of 34cm to 55cm, the children study chair furniture ensures a perfect fit for children of different heights. This promotes proper posture and optimal comfort during study sessions.The chair's foldable armrests are designed for convenience, allowing for easy storage and space-saving when not in use.Featuring a 4-level adjustable footrest, our chair provides customizable support for children's feet, enhancing comfort and reducing fatigue during long study periods.The one-touch wheel locking switch is a user-friendly addition, enabling children to effortlessly lock or unlock the wheels with a simple press of their foot. This feature ensures easy mobility when needed and secure stability during study sessions.



  • Foldable Armrest


The children study chair modern features a foldable armrest, which is one of its standout functionalities. The armrest can be easily folded away, saving space. This means that when children need more room to move or when the chair needs to be stored, the armrest can be quickly folded, providing convenience in usage and storage. This design takes into consideration the space constraints in both home and school environments, offering children a more flexible learning space. Whether it's for studying, playing, or resting, the foldable armrest makes our children's study chair a practical and versatile furniture choice.

  • 4-Level Height-Adjustable Building Block Footrest

The adjustable children study chair boasts a remarkable feature - a 4-level height-adjustable building block footrest. This innovative design allows children to adjust the footrest to four different height settings, catering to their individual comfort and ergonomic needs. The building block footrest not only provides a stable and supportive platform for children's feet but also adds an element of fun and creativity to their study sessions. With the option to customize the footrest height, children can maintain proper posture and enjoy a more comfortable seating experience while engaging in their learning activities. The 4-level height-adjustable building block footrest is a standout feature that sets our children's study chair apart and enhances the overall ergonomic design of the chair.

  • One-Touch Wheel Locking Switch


The kids study chair is equipped with a convenient one-touch wheel locking switch. With a simple press of the foot, the wheels can be easily locked or unlocked, providing seamless control and mobility. This feature allows children to effortlessly switch between a stationary position and smooth movement whenever they desire. Whether they need to stay focused during study sessions or easily move around their learning environment, our study chair offers the flexibility and convenience they need. The one-touch wheel locking switch ensures stability and safety, allowing children to have complete control over their seating experience with just a simple foot press. Make learning more dynamic and enjoyable with our children's study chair and its effortless wheel locking mechanism.


  • Chair Length: 69cm

  • Chair Width: 49cm

  • Backrest Height Adjustable: 70-95cm

  • Cushion Height Adjustable: 34-55cm

  • Color : Blue / Pin

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